Friday, February 18, 2011

Chronicle II: In Practice

So today in practice I found myself being that guy...

A little bit about me...I'm a devout Mock Trial geek - SO SUE ME.  For those of you who don't know what Mock Trial is, please visit and find out because I'm not teaching you.  I digress.

In this evening's practice, my teammates decided that it was the smart thing to do to change a theme a couple of days before we are to compete at a regional tournament.  -_-

And I wasn't having it...that guy inside me said "Hell no!" and rose up to meet the occasion.

"This is ridiculous," he said;
"I'm not playing this game with y'all," he said;
"I'm not changing my closing," he said;
"Y'all can do what you want," he said;
"Because regardless of what y'all say tonight, I'm walking into trial on Saturday and starting my closing with 'Discipline by design,'" he said;

Yup...that guy was in full effect...And it wasn't pretty.  He then proceeded down the hall to the coach's office and told her that he wasn't changing his theme because everybody else was tripping.  The theme didn't change.

Yes...I became that guy and I wasn't ashamed.  Worked out pretty well!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chronicle I: The Birthday

Okay soooooo...Today and yesterday being that guy meant being real trife!
For those of you who don't know, "trife" is slang for "unacceptable, mean or the like."

My 21st birthday was yesterday...And when I tell you I was THAT guy, please believe me - no exaggeration.

First -
          I didn't make it to take the LSAT Saturday. I was entirely too hungover from the impromptu bar crawl on my behalf.  Thanks to Adams Morgan, I will now have to lie to the LSAC re: why I missed my exam.  Yup...I was that guy; the one who completely disregarded what he knew he needed to do.

Second -
          I woke up drunk still.  That's right, not hungover, but still drunk.  So I used my sister's remedy; GATORADE!  Which worked wonders to get me out of the bed at least.  I had to go to Mock Trial practice, because I'm an uber nerd (who's also president) and I knew Coach wouldn't understand if I didn't show up because I was drunl.  So, yup you guessed it...being that guy meant that I was sitting in the corner, with my shades lowered.  I couldn't really hide because Coach brought me a birthday cake which I had to cut and eat with the team.

Third -
          I didn't let the trife stop there.  As soon as practice ended (circa 5PM) I kept on drinking... Yup...Being that guy meant being drunk and not caring what anyone had to say about it because it was my birthday! We've all been there...right?  I stumbled into my apartment at oh say 3 AM and fell asleep in front of my bedroom door.  Don't you judge me.

Fourth -
          Bottomless mimosas are the DEVIL.  I went with some very good friends to Vinotecta in DC (sooooo good!) and knocked back between 15 and 17 mimosas (depending on who you asked).  That wasn't trife, but what followed was: I was so drunk (from the night before and the day of) that I showed up to take org photos drunk.  I wore a black suit with white socks and could barely stand up long enough to take the picture.  Yup...Being THAT guy definitely wasn't okay.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Being "THAT" Guy

This blog is dedicated to all those who have ever been that guy...But who exactly is that guy?

Ever looked at something, wrinkled your face, and said something snide?
          Then you have been that guy.
Ever refused to be nice to someone for the sake of being nice?
          Then you have been that guy.
Ever forced a smile and said something really fake to that co-worker/classmate you don't like?
          Then you have been that guy.
Ever told your friends that you're busy when in actuality you just REALLY didn't feel like being bothered?
          Then you have been that guy.
Ever asked a question in class that you knew the answer to, but you wanted to sound really smart?
          Then you have been that guy.
Ever looked at the same guy we mentioned just now and wanted to throw something sharp at them?
          Then you have been that guy.
Ever told your boss you did something just because you know they're going to be on vacation all week and you plan to work on it the week they're out?
          Then you have been that guy.

THAT guy is not someone to be afraid of ... for it lives in all of us.  Sometimes you just gotta do sh*t that the everyday you wouldn't do.  It's okay.  I don't judge.  Happens to me allllllll the time.  That's why I've decided to make this blog.  For EVERYONE (guys and gals) who have been THAT GUY.  

I take pride in being that guy...for that guy is the guy who gets sh*t done and doesn't lose their mind doing it.  These are the chronicles of being that guy.